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Title: Need links for our sites
Post by: oulyana on 02-08-2017, 02:35:29
I am looking for good sites to publish our articles. Each article  contains one or two external links and sometimes  multimedia content (pictures, videos). We are interested in the following niches and territories:
-   gambling: United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Australia;
-   betting :United Kingdom;
-   dating: USA;
-   finance and economics: the Czech Republic and Poland
Sites do not necessarily have to be on the subject of our articles, but they should be allowed to publish the above theme

-   Requirements for sites:
        DA>35; Local Alexa < 1000 000;

-   Requirements for links:
        Only eternal dofollow links
           email 2:
Title: Re: Need links for our sites
Post by: Bismah Blogger on 04-15-2017, 04:34:33

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Title: Re: Need links for our sites
Post by: damponting44 on 10-31-2017, 01:32:15
Since the late 1990s search engines have treated links as votes for popularity and importance in the ongoing democratic opinion poll of the web. The engines themselves have refined the use of link data to a fine art, and use complex algorithms to perform nuanced evaluations of sites and pages based on this information.