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Title: Provide Agency Adwords/ BM Facebook account
Post by: d.hang307 on 12-20-2017, 18:14:57
Hello everyone,  8)

Do you having issues with advertising account?
- Want spend a big budget (3-5k daily) for campaign but your account can not
- Running whitehat / blackhat campaigns is have problem
- Want to run special campaigns: Health, Gambling, ...  O0

Or just simple you need technical help advertising help save your time?
- Create ad campaign
- Optimal cost
- Long term partner  :o

I have a group that has experience of that. If you have problem with that, contact me  I will hard work to help you, and also. We want to find customers who help us improve more with challenges!

Skype: d.hang307  !-!

Thank you for reading!