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Bing continues growth

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Bing traffic growth has been on a steady incline since it's beginning passing yahoo and continuing it's rise in traffic.  When will this growth slow down and big will be at even traffic levels?

For what it's worth bing is a useless search engine, who do you know that uses it ? Everyone's on google or yahoo simple as that. The rest are a waste to be quite frank.

Actually I find Bing search results to be more useful and accurate than Google, if you're looking up information that is.  I work to increase Google rank though, simply due to its large amount of users.  Maybe if enough people switch it could be Bing search optimization as the standard....

Web-analytics organization contend claims Bing search-engine developed from 8.7% in August to 8.8% in September, flashed by 25 billion terms. Bing users carried out an standard of 5 searchers per day. However, Bing's supported link click standard was 6.4%, beating even Yahoo and Google's average of 6%.

Indeed, bing is growing its coverage as time passes by..


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