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Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For

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Below is a chart that SEOwizz produced based Bn some analysis they conducted. They compared the top 2 results for the search “SEO Services” in Bing and Google to determine what factors matter most for the two respective websites.

Bing additionally puts marginally more accentuation on the quantity of connections you get. In any case, similarly as with Google, you ought to stay away from deceitful third party referencing. I'd alert you to fabricate close to 20 joins for every month and to attempt to concentrate on quality over amount.

Bing prefers sites that have lots of unique content which is also of good content quality. They place a much higher value on longer more engaging content than shorter content and their image search beats other search engines. You need to use Bing with specific search terms you want your page to rank for.

Than Bing, Google is the easiest search engine to get rank on the top of SERP.


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