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Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For

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In my case, our site ranks well in Google and not in Bing. Maybe bec. they used diff. algorthims, Google focused more on do follow links, quality contents, etc.

Austin Estrange:
Yes it is right that "Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For" and the reason is that bing takes no follow links also in consideration while calculating the number of links for a website. And no follow links are easier to create as compared to the do follow links.

According to my knowledge and experience Bing is the most difficult search engine.It demands more effort for ranking of sites for keywords

What i ve seen in bing is : if you have the keyword in your adress you get a real boost in search result ( like in google some years ago).

But i never tried until now to optimize specialy for bing.

I think that I found low quality websites are ranking on top. Actually they are moving forward in a different scenario, more focused on social integration


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