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Bing Is the Easiest Search Engine To Rank For

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Anyone else feels that way?

I've got autoblog and crappy sites dominating on Bing and at Google they would be beyond 300 ranks.

With Bing you need on-page SEO and lots of backlinks. That's just my experience. Anybody else?

Bing is the second highest search engine used in US of about 16% market share. Yes there been some case I found low quality websites are ranking on top. Actually they are moving forward in a different scenario, more focused on social integration (as you know they tied up with Facebook and recently I came to know that you can directly pin images form their image search results). Yes there is a difference how they look at a website in terms of authority...

bing used as search engine than yahoo

yahoogroups help to visit sites than search

MBA Trainer:
According to my experience on Google a site is get instantly ranked if it has good onsite SEO. But for Bing you have to flood a lot of links.

According to my knowledge Bing also award ranking because of no follow and do follow links but Google always award ranking on do follow links


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