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Title: Bing maps
Post by: autechs on 10-31-2012, 03:28:08
Hey all,

Hopefully someone may be able to shed some light on to what's happening here. I'm from the U.K and added my site to bing webmaster tools a while back, at the same time I also submitted my company to bing's directory (118 118 alternative) and after doing that, I believe my company should show on bing maps but I haven't found it.

I've been back in touch with the directory company to re-submit my request but still no luck?

Anyone got any ideas?

Title: Re: Bing maps
Post by: nancyfromafrica on 11-06-2012, 06:16:47
its seems to be lagging accuracy and high resolution images, also the loading time of bing maps is a bit high though I would love to see some new maps site come up