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I have a very strange observation about bing's index.
It's not the first time this is happening and not with just one site.
All of sudden they wipe the index and start all over again.

In some of the cases it's happening with well established, over a decade old domains, including one that is not commercial - i.e. never ever was there a chance of using wrong SEO tactics on it - so far it was growing naturally, receiving links naturally as a result of good content etc - no one single reason for violating any rules on planet Earth.
And all of a sudden, index drops from hundreds of thousands of pages to some funny numbers like 155 - checked now.
Anyone knows why BING does so?

Do not use bing. It is rubbish.
Use google instead.

I have a very eccentric observation concerning bing's index.
It's not at first time this is occurrence and not with only one website.
All of hasty they clean the index and begin all over once more.
In one of the cases it's occurring with well recognized, over a years old sites, also one that is not marketable - i.e. never was there a possibility of using incorrect SEO techniques on it.

google and yahoo has larger visitors.. use them..

Mclaurin Rachel:
If you not getting indexed in bing. You have to wait for some times. Do great link building, social bookmarking and article submission. And also use only good quality contents to get good indexing.


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