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Bing not indexing all pages

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Maybe it was just a repetitive page..?

Actually MSN Bot is relatively slow in indexing website don't worry add a site map to Bing Web Master tools, this will help

+1 one on the slowness of the Bing bots! I tend to find them get the inital page, but then it takes a while for it to fully index my sites (including after using webmaster tools!) But I'm not so fussed, as long as Google still loves me!!!   :P

i don't like bing personally
it is never a good indexer for me
google is the best
bing always leaves spaces while indexing
it indexes on some factors that we don't know

@YKG is 100% correct. Do you have a web master account? It will make a huge difference in pages indexed vs those found from popularity. The same situation occurs with Yahoo.


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