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Here is a little bit critical situation for my site in Bing indexing, as my site is well indexed in Google and Yahoo but only home page indexed in Bing, what is the reason that all pages not indexed in Bing and what I can do for index all pages of my site in Bing?

Please suggest me, waiting....

What is the URL of the domain? Bing relies on factors such as the amount of quality backlinks your website has when determining how many pages to index. Or if you have a lot of backlinks already, it may have something to do with your HTML code. I would start with validating the site the check for errors. For a validator tool, just Google the words: website validator

Bing has a lot of newer code to it like 1-2 years old and there's still a lot of bugs such as not indexing all pages..You could manually submit the pages not indexed or click your own links spiders may crawl this if you do that.

Use the bing webmaster tools for Indexing

Bing indexing from webmaster tool of bing is possible and it being new search engine from jsut past 2 to 3 yrs and get much more time to index the sites and rank them than it happens with comparison of it with google


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