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--- Quote from: Ackb on 07-27-2011, 01:28:39 ---Do proper off page seo and fallow bing tools

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Bing SEO isn't much different than Google. Do everything you would for optimizing for Google before anything else. Here's a few things Bing pays attention to that Google doesn't

Heavily reliant on onsite optimization rather than offsite

Having Bing webmaster tools set up

Submitting your rss feed as a sitemap

Microdata -

Well really good things here you all shared about bing.

Optimization for Yahoo and Bing, I'm so glad that joining forces is the main reason. If you Google it easier to optimize for Bing and some popular target keywords and you can get quick results Bing. Google and the popular keywords that target if you are not only not forgotten a few months that the IT content to your site, you can create all the necessary.

Claim your business. Just like on Google, you need to claim your business on both Bing and Yahoo to maximize local search results. ...
Get your site indexed. ...
Tag and categorize your site. ...
Use SEO keywords in proper context. ...
Connect to social networks. ...
Avoid black-hat techniques. ...
Feature great content.


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