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Hi guys,

We all know how to optimize a website for Google and Yahoo. Since yahoo and Microsoft are now partners, will it be the same thing to optimize for bing?

Do you guys know what are the Ranking Factors for Bing in SERP's?

Optimization is the main reason i'm so glad that yahoo and Bing is joining forces. Optimizing for Bing is so much easier than Google and you also can target popular keywords and get faster results with Bing. If you target a popular keyword with Google you might as well just create all the content you need on your site than just forget about ti for a few months

The partnership between Bing and Yahoo I don't know too much about but I think that it is helping Bing's newer code fix a lot of the bugs and shortcomings of the search engine.  Why is yahoo being so helpful aren't they competitors?

Do proper off page seo and fallow bing tools

that's very convenient..


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