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Bing's massive funding

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One thing that really separates Bing is it's massive funding backed by Microsoft.  They have the funding to continually update and improve their search engine..maybe even to the level of Google at it's rate of growth lately..
I'm finding it hard to optimize for Bing and Google because it seems like their search engine always gets tweaked constantly (I have a gaming site).

Wendy that's the whole point of the search engines though, they have to keep tweaking so that they're results are fresh and relevant. Plus they need to throw dummy bait out to all those black hatters and dodgey SEO specialists.

SEO for bing is not necessarily easier to get than google just because it's a new search engine, your site will take time to index highly.

really..? that is so impressive..

Ravi Soni:
This wasn’t exactly a secret anymore, but Microsoft just officially unveiled its Bing Fund, a new angel fund and incubator program sponsored by Bing and “backed by the experience, expertise, and resources of Microsoft.” The idea here, says Microsoft, is to “partner with like-minded entrepreneurs—great talent that is innovating online to solve big problems and create amazing new experiences.” The fund is looking for startups that focus on mobile and web experiences and which provide “both inspirational vision” and the “ability to execute.”


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