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General SEO Approach for Bing

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asif bams:
Google                        63.2%
Bing                                 23.7%
Oath (Yahoo + AOL)        11.9%
Ask                                  1.1%

Get Indexed Early and Often.

Tidy up Your Sitemap.

Drive Social Signals.

Manufacture Valuable Backlinks.

Recognize Relevant Keywords.

Include Rich Media and Imagery.

Underline Local Details.

When we talk about SEO and search engines, we usually mean Google. We have come to call web searching “googling” — not binging, or yahooing, or, God forbid, altavisting. Seems like Google is the only search engine people use, but this is not really true.

Over 30 percent of desktop searches in the US are driven by Microsoft. In many big markets, such as Canada, UK, Germany, France, the second-most-popular search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. For this reason, we can miss out on quite a lot of traffic if we don’t optimize for this search engine.

This post outlines everything essential about Bing. We’ll discuss how popular this search engine is, figure out its specifics, and advise you on how to optimize a website for it.


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