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General SEO Approach for Bing

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wonderful info. Also there are 2 more differences to focus in comparison to google.
1. you do not get penalized much for excessive links and the results are more quick on bing.
2. the keywords meta tag are considered.

this is really nice topic to the readers like me

Pretty much the rule of thumb, do what they are doing and make sure that you have your site has all the keywords for which you want to rank for. Also you need to build links to sites that have a high PR. Ranking in the search engines also means that you have to build really good links.

The scales of your site in good condition for a long time lay not dependent on other Web sites, such as setting the amount of back links, and I destroyed it viral marketing, link building, link and access churchwarden It's OK to do it.

All those techniques which are effective for optimizing website in google are also effective to optimize website in yahoo and bing. No new techniques are needed.


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