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Consistency: Ensure the signals are pointing in the same direction. URL structure and canonicalization, internal linking, rel=canonical tags, XML sitemaps, robots exclusions, should all follow canonical standards for your site.

Efficiency: Enable compression and http conditional GET with If-Modified-Since to give the crawler a break. (Bingbot supercedes msnbot, but the latter should still be used in robots.txt and elsewhere redundantly with bingbot until officially deprecated.) Microsoft has a handy tool for checking both compression and conditional get requests.

Quality: Have high-quality content. Don't try to squeak by with thin content and lots of authority pushed through the link profile.

Links: While I hate to say it, Bing's engine certainly appears susceptible to link spam. Not a good thing, and I'm not advocating anyone follow the path of paid links, but they sadly seem to work all too well on Bing today.

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Seattle SEO:
Nice approach. Bing is a little tricky but if people use the advice above I think they will see good results if applied correctly. Thanks for sharing.

If you set of scales the quantity of your back links in not so reliance site and to other web-site that have been out of bed for a long-time with good standing, I imagine it's OK to follow some destructive link-building stratify like link-buying and viral-approach.

really..? i am not really that a patron of bing..

Mclaurin Rachel:
Link building on higher PR sites, social book marking on higher PR sites and submitting articles to higher PR sites are the key tips to get ranked in Bing.


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