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how to have a standard seo article ?

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You can refer to this website:

The standard article in the SEO point of view is having

Unique content
Proper link navigation
Optimized images
Useful information
Properly researched and having unique title.
Related to topic

If you want to write standard articles then you have work according to the following Tips

You mus have correct knowledge of your business niche
You must have complete grip on English Grammar
You must read google guide lines
You must have proper English vocabulary

In other words, don’t produce “thin” content that ranks and get clicks, but doesn’t provide any additional value to the search engine user. Sites that promote “thin,” low-value content run the risk of being penalized by Google; they also tend to have high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

I tried to click on the link you provided and the page wouldn't load.  This will turn out to be a huge problem if you are trying to increase your site traffic or asking for help and no one can land on your webpage to view it or help you.  I also have a question--What do you mean by a "standard SEO article"?  I am not familiar with that terminology.  If your referring to a blog as a "standard SEO article",  then you will want to blog about something that you have knowledge of and that is within your niche.  There are many blog sites for you to choose from that will help you begin to create your own blog and tell you where to link the blog to if that is what you mean by "standard SEO article".


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