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how to have a standard seo article ?

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I want a standard seo article , you just support me, I need this support . thank you !

What type of support do you need, when I click the link you incorporated your post with it immediately direct me to a chat support. But I don't understand the language that your using. I find it ineffective.

Not easy to explain it, I think you should join some course for understanding more.
It's not simple to do it, you need more time and experience to know it clearly.

A good article is written uniquely with the help of proper grammar. It should be optimized with keywords and have a decent keyword density to get maximum value in search engines. A good content content helps to rank your website higher in search engines.

What type of assistance do you need, when I follow the weblink you integrated your publish with it instantly immediate me to a talk assistance. But I do not understand which that your using. I find it worthless.


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