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How to make huge money in digital marketing ?

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How to make huge money in digital marketing ?

Here are 10 of the basic ways to make money through digital marketing:

PPC Advertising Network
CPM Advertising Networks
Text Link Ads
Affiliate Marketing
Direct Banner Advertising
Monetization Widgets
RSS Feed Ads
Pop-ups and Pop-unders
Paid Surveys and Polls

Sap Solution:
For digital marketing make online community and do marketing work with frequency and consistency?

Hello Friend,

There are many ways to make money in digital marketing. Some of them are follows -

1. PPC Advertising
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Contents Dropping
4.  Blogs Sharing etc.


Kate Evans:
You should know that digital marketing is really much broader than advertising or social media, so if you want to make money with the help of, you can create your own blog, Youtube channel with a theme that will be attracting many people on the Internet, after that you will have an audience which you can monetize posting various ads amid its content or touting your own products.


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