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Is Apple beating Microsoft

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Apple is releasing lots of new releases with record sales such as the iphone and ipad.  Microsoft has not responded in these niches, while rumors are of a new gen xbox eventually.  Which company do you prefer?

Microsoft is way ahead of apple. It sells so many copies of windows, it's bing is gaining ground on Yahoo the second most popular search engine after Google and it's constantly making new ground in it's hold of PC software.

What facts do you have that truly show microsoft is loosing ground ?

The only thing Apple has going for it is the fact that its computers look sleek and pretty.

Microsoft has the gaming market with the 360, mostly due to the fact that it has the best online play.  It also produces cheaper computers, we can argue for years over PC vs. Mac performance, but the fact of the matter is PEOPLE LIKE CHEAP STUFF!  So if they see a $600 PC and a $1200 Mac, most are going to go with the PC to save themselves the money, especially now that the economy isn't doing as well as it should be. 

Not possible dude... Apple can't beat Microsoft... Microsoft is all over the world, PC's, 360's, OS,  and Apple is only in western countries with mobile phones(not so many only Iphone) and with expensive PC's... So I don't think Apple will beat Microsoft...

In the past times, Microsoft has obtained about 10 times as many businesses as Apple, and have spent nearly 9 times as many amount on development and research. Yet stock price of Microsoft's performance has languished these last ten years, while Apple has ascended to its present status as the most important tech firm.


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