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Is Bing still useful for SEO?

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As we all know Google is the god at the moment, so with that is Bing, the search engine that's I think worse off than Yahoo, worth for seo anymore?
I am thinking of trying to use it for my sites, but so far I can't tell if it's worth investing my time in it. Any tips or suggestions?

Bing searches is used in many countries and therefore ranking your website in Bing search engine is very important to generate more traffic and build sales for your business.

Bing has still a significant share in search engine market share in the world :) So 100% Bing is useful for SEO. In my case, there was a time we only optimize SEO for Google, the traffic almost reach the completely saturated level. However, after optimizing SEO for both Bing, Yahoo, the traffic to our sites double  :D

Well just a few years ago Bing was sitting at like 10% to 12% so I would say they are growing pretty quick Is Bing still relevant for SEO? Some people will say "That's only a few percent, Google is still king!" but what they aren't factoring in is Bing Ads Is Bing still relevant for SEO? Your ads over there will give you a bigger bang for your buck and if you start using it now you can figure it out and be a pro for when Bing starts to get a bigger market share.

Many SEOs and site owners do not pay attention to the ranking factors in Bing, optimizing their sites only for Google.
However, over the past few years, Bing’s market share has slowly but surely increased as Microsoft made attempts to compete with Google for information search on the Internet.


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