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Poor Grammar May Lead To Poor Rankings for Bing Search Results

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Bing is not only the search engine to consider poor grammar as a bad signal because it will ruin user experience. So as much as possible provide understandable information to audience.

As long as your grammar is not extremely poor, you can get away with it.
Just ensure that you write what can be understood by the visitors.
Extremely poor grammar would work against you so focus on making the content stimulating and digestible to the visitors.
These are the only things you need to focus on rank on Bing.

Duane Forrester from Bing wrote a blog post on the Bing Webmaster Blog suggesting that Bing's search ranking algorithms do in fact consider poor grammar, typos and poor language to be part of their ranking factors.

Such is not the case with Bing.
Bing allows you to use Grammar but not in a strict way.
Bing ignores small Gramamtical mistakes but not huger ones.
You cannot go Grammarless on Bing.

If you want your articles to rank on Bing, make them as easily readable as possible.

But sometimes it's good to have misspelled words - in case where it's common typo/mistake, so you might get traffic from those words.


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