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Poor Grammar May Lead To Poor Rankings for Bing Search Results

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Paresh shrimali:
Poorly written content with poor grammar will have a negative impact on our search results.(Bing)

content have  no any grammatical mistakes, it is best for getting a ranking in Bing search.

also Read more about Quality,

But sometimes it's good to have misspelled words - in case where it's common typo/mistake, so you might get traffic from those words.

Megan Brown:
I do not agree that misspelled words can get traffic. The content has to be high quality else it can affect search results.

Poor Grammar and Typos Can Hurt Your Rankings ... Google, Bing, and Yahoo pay a lot of thoughtfulness regarding the measure of time perusers spend on any ... mistakes result in a high skip rate and lower internet searcher rankings.

Bing: Poor Grammar and Typos May Result In Lower Search Rankings. ... In the event that those examples show poor language page after page, for a long time, at that point it may have a more grounded negative effect on rankings.


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