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Reccovering my seo site


Hi friends,

    I want to know how can i recover my seo site which is effected by the latest google update Penguin 3.0 ?

You need to check your website backlinks and get rid of the unhealthy ones. Contact webmasters and get your spam backlinks removed to recover your position in search engines.

How to get rid of Penguin 2.0?
In recent days, a number of new websites are not affected by the storm Penguin 2.0. Therefore, the website owner does not feel the change and the damage has occurred. But some of the old sites has seen major damage when the series showing their location is no longer a high ranking in the standings. More Webmaster complained that they had been reduced to take a large amount of traffic, sometimes to over 30%. The downward revisions which shows that site seems to have violated the rules of Google. For years, Google has been trying to convey the message that "You build a good website, great content and useful for users"

Here are some ways that you can SEO without being considered spam.

1. Social media:
Social networking is a tool to help you pass Penguin 2.0. It is a way to share the message tags, news, pictures of friends and family and relatives. It is the main tool in Internet Marketing, it campaigning ceaselessly and continuously if used correctly. But you do not spam too, please select the article or good content to share

2. Backlink
Create links from your site to some reputable websites. It is possible that the site has tailed gov, edu, or org. When you get those links, is also about what you're telling Google learned that "Here is a trustworthy site, rather than a webspam"

And you also need to control and check the links from your site to the bad web and seek to eliminate them. Web Special "adult". Even those that do not involve web content to your site

3. Content
Penguin 2.0 is gét anonymous entries Copy that it has no intellectual, creative. Although the articles that can fool the search engines in one phase. But Google will classify it webspam format. So let's build a clean web content and create useful content appropriate to the user.

Spam is bad news for the good Website
This is very bad news for other sites operating legally under the principle of Google, it's like your business. Because it buried at the bottom string of chart. Your website will make it difficult for people to search and locate.

When partners do not find your site, meaning they will not want to cooperate with you. And your income will be affected.

If you are not confident or not afford to know how to good SEO. Do not hesitate to consult, or you can hire a reputed SEO Company locally. They can advise and help you how to avoid Spam SEO techniques.

If you still think that, you continue to use the method of Spam on your website. Then you need to rethink.


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The concern is about google Penguin 3.0 not 2.0.
But your post is pretty informative. thanks

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Very accurate, Google Penguin algorithm 3.0 not 2.0, but I said in the article. You understand me wrong, apologize. Thank you for informing me of this error.
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For most online businesses, search engine traffic is very important, but achieving high rankings in Google is not as easy as it used to be. Therefore, many SEOs and marketers are pushing the link-building process to the limit. As a result, many websites are being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines.


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