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Where does Bing stand now?

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I think Bing is becoming a better search engine than Yahoo but apparently they are working together.  Bing now has higher traffic than yahoo slightly in just the past few months and it's looking to pull away more.  But it's hard to compete with Yahoo's complex image search.

I do not use Yahoo and Bing to get searching results.

Bing is a forged. No normal user should employ it. Google is basic and simple and it makes you what you desire. If Microsoft desires to have a search-engine, then they can use it around Google. I think it exists for since its not Google, but a corporation like Microsoft may not get-away with some thing that could be observed as abusive google in that way.

but the main fact that the Bing search engine is still growing is still evident you know.. we could never tell..

We are basically simple and can be what you want. MS is a search engine if you want to, they can use Google around. Abuse in such a way as I have something that could be observed after Google's just for the present, but not companies such as MS where else.


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