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Does SEO made for Google work for other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing?

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Not really... Google likes incoming links, especially links from high-ranking, on-topic pages that include keywords in the link text. Google doesn't like over-optimized, high keyword densities and over use of keywords in headings, like they use to(since two years ago). Yahoo, on the other hand, looks at on-page factors more, such as keyword density, keywords in headings. Have a great day

It depends from which country you belongs to. Mostly in all countries google is used as a search engine. But in some countries people still believes in Bing or Yahoo. So you have to optimize your sites according to usage of search engine into your country. Some countries just banned all the major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc and force to people to use their countries' own search engine. In such condition, you must optimiza your site first into your countries search engine then try to optimize globally.

Most people are actually into google, not all but majority of them thats the reason why more people used google to do link building, as for yahoo and bing it really is different but you can still use both if you really want to.

SEO is not for Google only, it depends upon the country like in China bydo is mostly used search engine. Therefore SEO work is done for mostly used search engine of that country client.


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