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Title: Can you give sme some suggestion about my website, please
Post by: annacorigant on 11-12-2017, 06:47:55
Hi everyone. I registered this account for a long time but this is my first post (maybe)
I built an small affiliate website about technology products. One of my main article is about wireless router.
 I implemented necessary method for my page:on page and off page. 2 months ago i rank #2 in main keyword. But suddenly one day my website falls out from top 50. I checked agian and again and don't know why . because onpage is quiet good and off page is only implemented with related website and white hat.
I want to ask you for some suggestion I should do
This is my main article: ( I also built anthor article but it is not important as this one
I can provided my ahref and semrush account incase you need it for researching purpose.
I'll appreciate your recommendation very much. Because that website brings me only income source, I quited my job when it went to #2 but sudenly..