Earning with HYIPs - A journey to Million $ from $20 only

Author Topic: Earning with HYIPs - A journey to Million $ from $20 only  (Read 2229 times)

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With the low investment of $20, I earned around $2.5 in 3 days. This is about 4% daily and 1,460% per year without compounding. This means that my $20 will earn more than $21,000 if I keep the investment at $20 only and withdraw all accruing profit.

And this rate is the lowest. It could be much higher if investment amout is higher. But I am not goint to get tempted by the higher rates and will only inest low amounts.

So what are HYIPs: Recently, I got interested in HYIP and did considerable reading. These are generally called ponzi schemes. They offer high rate of return to investors. It is general perception, that if they are unable to actually earn that much, they pay the promised return to existing investors from the fresh investment done by new investors. As such, after some time, a stage comes when the required payments to be done cannot be covered by earnings and new investemnts. Now the downfall of the HYIP starts.

This brief description and the reading I did clearly indicated that profit can be safely earned from HYIPs in their early stages. So, I selected two HYIPs both started on 18 Feb 2014:
1. fоrex Prestige offers 3% for one day deposit to 7,500% for 90 days deposit. I invested $10 for 3 days to get $11.2 after 3 days (4% daily)
2. Gold Land offers 6% for one day deposit to 400% on 30 day deposit. I invested another $10 here for 5 days. 

Both investments were done on 20 Feb 2014.

On 23 Feb, I withdrew $11.2 from fоrex Prestige
On 25 Feb, I withdrew $11.5 from Gold Land.

Effectively, I earned 27% on average daily by investing $10 for 8 days (3+5). This is the lowest return rate which I opted to get by keeping money with them for short periods of time.

After withdrawing from fоrex Prestige, I reinvested the $10 on the same date in another new HYIP, E Build Group which had started on 21 Feb.
The amount withdrawn from Gold Land has been invested in FT Trader World started on 18 Feb.

I intend to continue reivesting in new HYIP each time after withdrawing from one HYIP. On the next withdrawal, I will have more than $30. So I will invest $10 each in three HYIPs. Continuing like this, I intend to double my initial investment to $40 in 15 days and the calculation goes to millions in a few months if I keep reinvesting the earned amount also.

Best of all my investment is only $20. So my risk is only limited to $20.

I am attaching my Perfect Money account statement showing investments and withdrawals listed above.

Interested in joining this profitable experiment?

Register as my referral. You may post your earnings and referral links here so that new readers join in under you and all of us may benefit. We may later form a group for interacting with each other. I will also update the thread with new investments and earnings.

fоrex Prestige
Gold Lands
E Build Group
FT Trader World

All these HYIPs accept deposits from Perfect Money. If you don't have Perfect Money account, you may open the free account here: Perfect Money. In case you have trouble funding your Perfect Money account, that can also be arranged. You pay in PayPal or Skrill and your Perfect Money account will get the corresponding amount.

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$10 received from $11 received from E Build Group has been invested in Mig Bank for 4 days.
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Re: Earning with HYIPs - A journey to Million $ from $20 only
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Earn money in this way bring high level of risk.
Once the site that it does not pay, we do not know what to do.
You want to make money, it is best to invest in the development of websites and then earn money by forms such as affiliate marketing, selling advertising, amazon, clickbank... Just a safe effective if your website traffic east, good ranking.


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