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Title: Making money on blog
Post by: Nicpoint45 on 04-21-2010, 18:43:10
i want ask about how i can make some money on my blog.
i have blog about tattoos in english and some traffic about 170-180 user per day.
adsense i can't use because i have BAN.some goat make many cliks on adsense.
adbrite and another context i don't want bacause can pass with adbrite like with adsense.

i want put pop up banner but don't know good pop ups for english blogs.

sale links i can't too,my PR1,young blog.

how i can monetize blog?
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: Xatsker on 04-21-2010, 18:44:10
Join affiliate programs, there are lots of affiliate networks available online. You may use CPM networks like Xapads, pop-under ads. If you are serious about it then I suggest you to subscribe Darren rose's blog ( and read carefully, he is the best person in this area.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: PCKen on 05-09-2010, 11:12:10
I recommend affiliate programs too.  Adsense is too difficult to payout with for a beginner blog because the adsense minimum payout is $100.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: alyajabeen on 05-16-2010, 10:26:52
I agree that affiliate marketing is the best one but it need experience.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: pinstern on 06-17-2010, 18:48:44
Affiliate program is good for your blog. But there are many other alternatives. You can write paid review posts. Your blog only has PR 1, don’t worry. Do it little by little, step by step. At least, make quality contents regularly. It is like long term investment. You can review websites, product and services. Find out how to do it on the internet. Let Google be your best friend by hitting ‘review post needed’ and similar keywords. Good luck.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: andrewjohn on 03-03-2012, 05:21:41
affiliate programs, is the best idea for your blog and making money.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: webwrappedup on 03-03-2012, 07:28:05
You may be able to get yourself unbanned if you file a form to them to report strange activity on your website.
Title: Re: Making money on blog
Post by: judii on 12-10-2014, 03:15:06
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