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What are you guys doing right now?

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--- Quote from: ring2012 on 05-25-2012, 00:32:03 --- I am writing the thread~~
--- End quote ---
I'm reading it :):):)

Currently I'm waiting for my Dota 2 match... oh wait it's on, gotta back to the game XD

I’m eating a pizza and playing cаsino. It’s my hobby. I’m playing cаsinos for almost 5 years and I can say that my hobby is very profitable. I only play on proven gaming platforms. I tried a lot of different cаsinos but my favorite is mr bet auszahlen. It's worth it.

Yes yes, I'm studying!

revising some topics from books & my notes & then I'll give my mock test.

some more days to go.

Just trying to end my preparation properly since I ruined it earlier well never mind I'll give my best shot on my exams.


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