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Hello everyone,

I have been working on my website newbielink: [nonactive]for almost 5 weeks now trying to optimize it both on site and offsite - link building. And it seemed to me that I was doing quite a good progress - many keywords which I was using were showing up in google search.
One thing I do not understand though - I still don't have traffic or very little. I guess, my choice of keywords is wrong but if I choose broader keywords "painters london" instead of "painters north london" (which is where my operating area is), I would get more competition - lower positions and visitors from outside my interest area. Besides, my thinking is that the second keyword contains words which are in the first keyword - so anyway, once I get ranked better, my website should show up with the first keyword as well. So, my question is what do I do wrong that I don't get traffic from search engines apart from those few visitors a day, although google keyword tool is showing that with a particular keyword - "builders north london" there are around 1600 / month searches? I do not get almost no visitors - and my website is in the 11th position. Please help. Or I am starting to think that google is not used when searching for builders / painters in london :)

Nothing is wrong in your work. In my opinion try to get traffic from social media sites like facebook, twitter, flicr, and so on. So promote your products in these social media marketing sites by creating your profile in this and join in relevant groups based upon your products.. This is the way to get high traffic in short period of time.. Hope my suggestion will help you. All the best.. :)


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