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Alternative to SEO ?

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What is alternative to SEO ? Is this alternative is more beneficial than SEO ?

There are no alternatives to SEO. The only you can try is social media optimization for promoting your website online and build popularity. But SMO will not help rank keywords for your website in search engines.

Yes, there are some alternatives to SEO.

.Pay-per click (PPC)
. Social Media (Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, etc) Marketing.
.Traditional Marketing (Like Radio,Tv, Print media).
. Quality content.
.Link Building Strategy.

Following are the alternates to SEO
1. Adwords
2.Email marketing
3.Social media optimization

Die Hard:

If you are looking for keywords ranking, then there is no alternative of SEO. But if you are looking traffic, there are lots way to increase traffic on the website such as PPC, SMO, Affiliate marketing etc.


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