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Bespoke Digital Media: How to Remove Crawl Errors?

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Hi guys I am new to SEO and after going through the webmasters of my website I have seen several crawl errors. Can you please suggest what is the only method to remove those crawl errors.
If you have any answer with you please let me know!!

First you have to fix the error whether its 404 are any issues, once you fix the error in google webmaster you have an to tell google that you fix the issues. so at the next crawling google will remove that error.

I hope that this good article will be helpful for you!
You will not only read about how to remove crawl errors but you  can also see the pictures on how to do that!

    Remove the login from pages that you want Google to crawl, whether it's an in-page or popup login prompt.
    Check your robots.txt file to ensure the pages listed on there are meant to be blocked from crawling and indexing.

Neha Pande:
Let's start by addressing crawl faults. Pages will be grouped by a particular kind under each of the four tabs (error, valid with warning, valid, and excluded). To view the whole list of URLs, first select one of the four tabs at the top, and then click on a row at the bottom. Depending on the specific sort of mistake, the solution will change for each crawl issue.


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