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Hi Guys

What are the benefits of Heading Text Optimization?

Please share your views!!!!

Placing text in an h1 tag shows importance to search engines. It tells them that the content contained within the tag is the overlying topic of the page. This follows the content hierarchy for SEO. Make sure you include a target keyword within the header. You can also include microdata for the h1 tag to help with your Bing rankings as well.

H1 - only do one tag per page and use it for the main idea
H2 - use this for sections of the page, this shows some importance to the idea contained in the tag
H3 - Use this for subsections, this shows a small degree of importance of the content

Heading tags determine the degree of importance of your headings.

Higher the tag higher will be the importance and thus SEO will rank the keywords in the heading accordingly.

Means Heading Text tells the search engines about what services/products/theme our page is about.

Heading meta data figure out the stage of significance of your titles.
Higher the tag greater will be the significance and thus SEO will list the key phrases in the heading accordingly.


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