Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!

Author Topic: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!  (Read 4807 times)

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I am a beginner in this field. I am just trying to do some SEO techniques but unfortunately, I do not think that is good. Please give me suggestion to improve my website on-page optimization.
Link :

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #1 on: 10-27-2017, 23:47:46 »
SEO has two type of techniques On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both techniques are essential for a website. Off page SEO helps to build backlinks for website. And on page SEO helps to rank your website as well as make your website search engine friendly.
Below are some tips that you can do in your on page SEO to rank your website on search engine:

•     When we think about SEO then first and most important thing that comes in our mind that is Keyword research. Because we get business on our keywords. So keywords are important. And to find the right keyword we search keywords which are best suited for our business services and when searcher search our service then he or she must be searched with our targeted keywords. Use tool to find the right keywords and think or understand about your business service. That helps you to find best keywords for your business.
•     The title tag should be 65 characters long. And you first need to place the keyword in your title tag or you can say important words should first and then other. It is an important factor according to SEO.
•     Description tag should be 155 characters long. This tag is used for google bots when they search information about any query then Google finds our page with this description. So write a clear and short description of your web page content.
•    Create Meta description tag with tagged facts and with well-structured data.
•   Create URL with keywords and shorten in length. This is also a factor of SEO. URL with keywords helps you get rank on SERP easily.
•   Create static URL that is beneficial in SEO. Because dynamic URL is something unfriendly for the user.
•     Meta robots help to define the framework to the crawler and help to index the web page on Google.
•    If your site is multi-lingual then create a <language> Meta tag.
•   The canonical tag is primarily an aid to avoid duplicate content when you index your website on Google. Canonical tells the search engine that it already index the original page instead of finding the other same page.
•   Optimize your global link structure means your internal linking of your website pages. Understand the categories with more content will be stronger and deeper level outside of the main navigation.  You need to keep your navigation clear and use of anchor text for the link target. According to SEO, it is important that your link structure is clean.
•    Optimize the Breadcrumb navigation structure means to optimize your linking structure that starts from the top level of site and going down from one level to another.
•   Optimize your link structure with alternative links.
•   Use all three structures type on your website that is sequential structure, hierarchy structure, and web structure.
•    Decide your internal linking with pages of your website.
•   Decide your linking with page menu bar, slide bar, header, and footer.
•   Use different anchor text when you inter link your website.
•   You should also decide that how many links you connect with your content in your web page.
•    You should also decide the use of do follow and no follow the link on your website.
•   Add some outbound links in your page. Outbound links are those links that point to some other domain from your site. These links help to increase quality and trust of your site.
•   Test your website ability that means check your website is properly work on all browsers or not. Is your website support all web browsers? Is your website work equally in different browsers or not?
•   Optimize your content in your web page. Write informative, unique and evergreen content that helps users to solve their queries.
•   Proper use of Java script as search engine cannot index content in Java script.
•   When you use the keyword in your web page content then you must take care that when you repeat the keyword in your content that is related or fair with your information. Because without reason if you use a keyword, again and again, that impact badly.
•   Place your keywords in your web page content according to its importance or according to need. Use keywords in the page according to format or structure of your content.
•   You can use only a specific number of same keywords in your content. Optimize your keyword density according to your content.
•   You can use your keywords in various forms like you can use the keyword with adding singular, plural or other verb or adjective etc.
•   Heading tag also helpful in SEO. Use correctly your heading tags in your content. Most specific heading tags that you should optimize your content is h1, h2, and h3.
•   Decide that how many time keywords appear on your website. Because the more times a keyword found on a web page, the better the site will rank. But you also make sure you use your keywords in variation.
•   Check the prominence of keyword that refers to how prominent your keywords are within your web page. That means how close to the beginning of the web page, title, and Meta tags your keywords are placed.
•   Check proximity of your keywords that says how close your two or more keywords from each other. You will get higher rank when you place your keywords close together.
•   When you use keywords in your content so separate your keyword with the help of hyphens and underscore in URL. That easily access by the search engine and helps in SEO.
•   If flash used to add the additional description in the text.
•   Creation of Sitemaps in text, HTML, RSS, ROR and XML
•   the    W3C CSS validation, checking your cascading style, sheets (CSS) and (x)HTML documents with style sheets
•   Optimize your images on your website. Use alt tag with an image in your web page.
•   You can use keywords in the alt tag of images and in image’s URL. That helps in SEO to get rank.
•   Give the title to an image on your web site. That means if you give title to your image then it is good point according to SEO.
•   Create RSS feed and display RSS feed on website
•   Highlight your keywords in your webpage or content with specific formation. Use italic or bold to highlight your keyword in content.
•   Avoid the use of frames in your web page.
•   Make sure that your site is accessible or not.
•   Make sure that your IP address is work properly or not. Check that your IP address is blacklisted or not. If it is, then resolve this issue.
•   Check your all broken links and make sure your website has no 404 and error or any dead link which is not live.
•   Create sitemap in all format like text form, HTML, ROR and XML etc.
•   Create robot.txt file and validate them to index your webpages.
•   Create 302 and 310 redirection for your webpages by using .htaccess file.
•   Optimize your 404 error in your website pages.
•   Track your website data regularly.
•   Set Google analytic account to your website and track the conversion or traffic of your website.
•   Create and manage the Bing webmaster tool to manage your website links.
•   Create and manage the Google webmaster tool to manage your website links.
•   Create and manage the yahoo webmaster tool to manage your website links.
•   Your website speed matters to get engagement. If your site speed is slow then you can’t get traffic but if your site speed is high then it helps to increase engagement or traffic.
•   Use Google video sitemap generator to create sitemap for your website then show on SERP when someone search for you.

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #2 on: 10-28-2017, 04:42:44 »
Do the on-page activities given below:

• Improve loading speed of Website
• Create SEO-Friendly URL Structure
• Select Targeted Keywords through research
• Create titles and meta descriptions of the web pages by using these keywords
• Internal Linking of the website
• Create on-site content (web content)
• Create HTML Sitemap
• Create XML Sitemap
• Create Robots.txt file

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #3 on: 10-31-2017, 10:21:20 »
Oi buddy.

So many things but lets start with some main ones.
Add a caching script in your htaccess file.
Reduce the amount of plugins you are using.
Minify the js/css
Setup cloudflare for a CDN, and so you can have a SSL.
compress images.

reduce the total page size from 4.48mb down to something like 2mb.
Move JS scripts to the footer, and delete unused CSS files.

Get that done first, then follow up. | Affiliate Marketing Blog aggregator

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #4 on: 11-20-2017, 21:15:54 »
As a beginner you need to learn first, kindly refer to or for your best reference in SEO fundamentals.

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #5 on: 12-18-2017, 00:29:05 »
Moz seo pdf is the best one to start for a fresher and newbie.. it will teach you from the basics...

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #6 on: 12-18-2017, 00:30:43 »
Apart form the Moz pdf you can read from many blogs or channels such as searchengineland, marketingland and searchenginewatch etc etc..

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #7 on: 12-21-2017, 09:28:42 »
First insert proper meta tags, meta title and meta description for your website. Then do offsite white hat SEO. In two months your website will get ranking

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #8 on: 12-22-2017, 00:31:37 »
Few steps you follow on-page optimization your website:

1. Choose your relevant keywords. use keyword planner tools.

2. Put the keywords on Title, heading text, meta description and body text(content).

3.  if your website have in word press then you can use YOAST plugin or ALL IN ONE SEO plugin. These plugins  are SEO friendly & Follow rules of search engine optimzation in On-site SEO optimization.

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Re: Help me to improve my website On-page optimization!!
« Reply #9 on: 12-22-2017, 21:21:29 »
I think Janvi Singh explained it all, really good information.
Keep learning!


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