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Title: Help with
Post by: Psycholog on 07-05-2010, 04:15:26
2 years
Keywords: medical books, medicine, health, health books
Did some optimization

There are few visitors daily on my site. What’s wrong with it?
Title: Re: Help with
Post by: Sevam on 07-05-2010, 13:18:38
On Page Optimization Gaps

1. Page Title Analysis: The home page does contain the main target keywords (Medical Books, Online Medical Book) and it it’s well optimized (44 characters).

2. Body Text Analysis: Keyword Repetition of the main keywords is about 1%-4%. You have good keyword density.

3. Heading Tag Analysis: There are no heading tags. H1/H2/H3 heading tags are used to structure HTML documents and they are also used to add emphasis to your keywords on the web page. The use of headings makes the web page content clearer for the reader and it also helps creating logical sections for a web page for better readability. You must have at least one heading (H1) 40-70 characters long.

4. Italicized or Bolded Keyword Analysis: You have some bolded keywords but it’s not enough. Try to add some more bolded and italic key phrases.
5. Hyper Link Text Analysis: There are optimized internal text links used on the web pages.

6. META Tag Analysis: META keywords and META descriptions are included on most of the web pages.

7. Site Map Analysis: There is neither site map nor robots.txt on the website. The Site Map is helpful in creating search engine friendly links for search engine spiders to crawl the inner pages of the website. The Site Map also reinforces the main keywords of the website by incorporating them in the internal links. Robots.txt is a text (not html) file you put on your site to tell search robots which pages you would like them not to visit.
So, place them to your site.

8. Image ALT Tag Analysis: This site contains a number of images. Most of these images contain alternative text called ALT tags with a short description of the image using the target keywords. The image alt tags are well optimized for the target keywords.

9. Internal Linking Structure: This website uses internal linking effectively without excessive use of image, flash or JavaScript based links.

10. Spidering Ability: MSN, Yahoo and Google fully indexed this website.

11. Web Page Loading Speed: The website loads reasonably fast.

Off Page Optimization (Link Popularity) Gaps

1. Link Popularity Analysis: There are about 15 unique links pointing to this website on Google. There are not enough unique relevant inbound links pointing to this website to effectively compete with the other top ranking websites. This website should focus on gaining more one-way inbound links that are not simply rented text links, but contextual links from relevant websites and high quality directories.

2. Age of the Domain: It’s about 2 yeas old. So it may not face the typical challenges all the new websites face on the major search engines.

3. Directory Listings: The is not listed in the DMOZ directory. or otherwise know as the Open Directory Project, is a human edited free directory. It is considered an important “authority” website. Google and other major search engines place great importance on websites listed in the DMOZ directory. is well positioned to take advantage of natural search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Beyond the on-page optimization steps outlined above a well targeted link popularity building campaign could substantially increase ranking.
Some of the link popularity building techniques include reciprocal linking, one-way links from related websites, article and directory submissions, blog posts, press releases and social media awareness campaigns.
Title: Re: Help with
Post by: Psycholog on 07-05-2010, 13:44:01
Thank you very much! :)