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How relevant are h2's?

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Hello folks ,

How relevant are H2's in SEO? Do they affect SEO at all?

Thank you.

H1 and H2 are usefull to let search engines know what the content is about, and in witch order.

Search engines still look for H2 and H3 tags to find most prominent keyword/service on your website.

H2 Tags are very relevant, both to include your keyword or LSIs of your keyword in, and to help break up page copy and make it easier to read for users. You do not need to have the page's main keyword in your H2s, but doing it once and then maybe having your other H2s include keywords of a similiar/related topic, location, or service has been shown to increase Google rankings (as long as it is relevant for users).

Header tags are an important aspect for your on-page SEO factor because they’re used to communicate to the search engines what your website is about. Search engines recognize the copy in your header tags as more important than the rest. This starts with your h1 and works its way down in importance to the h2, h3 and so on.


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