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How to increase page view for my mothers site?

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I have a website,this is exclusive website for mothers in Chennai.I dont have any idea to increase my page view ,i tried many ways but still our page view count is not improved.So,please review my website and give me valuable suggestion to increase Chennaimoms website page view.

Regarding main page:

1) Your title is a little long (95 chars). It would be better to have 60 or less characters.
2) You have two H2 headings but have not H1 heading. It’s very important. Place one H1 heading. You can repeat your title in the H1 tag.
3) You have not enough Keyword Density for your main keywords.
4) There are not bolded keywords (key-phrases).

If done doing the on page optimization you must submit your site in a social bookmarking sites, do the blog commenting and blogging.
Read more SEO techniques.


Just keep on doing the SEO strategy:

Off Page Optimization:

* Press Release
* Article Submission
* Blog Commenting
* Social Bookmarking

Just do more on SEO, create more backlinks, create quality and unique content, use social networking sites too like facebook and twitter.


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