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How to remove date from Search Engine ?

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Can you please tell me, how to remove date from search engine. When i searched in search engine, I saw its one day ago, or 7 days ago ! i don't want to show date in search result. Thanks. :)

If you use wordpress. You can use a simple WP plugin called “Date Exclusion SEO”. The best thing about this plugin is; it gives few option, which will be very helpful. Though it’s an outdated plugin, but I tried with WordPress 4.1+ for one of my client sites, and it worked without any issue.

First of all I would like to ask you are you talking about Blogs??
If yes, then in the SEO tools option in your CMS you will get an option to exclude Date, click that, this will stop showing date in your search results.

A new, fresh and unique post will get more attention than an old one. Therefore, here we will try to make you understand how to remove data from Google search results in a WordPress site. If you are a newbie and not aware of this amazing tool then you should definitely give this a try. It is very easy to use and anyone can easily operate this tool.

Whenever you visit any site and again that site appear in the search results then you get the this message 1 day ago or 3 days ago.. This is just a general message that tells you that you have visited this site 3 days ago.


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