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How to target Multiple Keywords in Web Page

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Hello to all,

How to target Multiple Keywords in Web Page, as Google stops giving importance to meta keywords, so where to put all keywords.

That is the issue many of the beginners in the SEO field are facing, what to do with meta keywords if they are useless, google stopped giving importance to meta keywords back in 2015 (not sure about the time duration) but this meant that google preferred sites with accurate(good) on-page & unique content over sites which targeted keywords based on the old method(meta-keywords). Here you will find that the meta keywords do matter just not in the on-page.

According to my recommendation its not a good idea to target multiple keywords on a single web page. You should choose only 2-3 keyword per page, but still you like to target multiple keywords to your web page, group all your relevant keyword together and check is this the right page for all those keywords. the second thing you need to do is write a well optimized, unique and informational content focusing on your targeted key-phrases because this can only lead your web page to better ranking. After that do on page optimization according to your targeted phrases like Title Tag Optimization,Header tags optimization, Internal linking optimization, ALT tag Optimization Accordingly.

Finally the most important thing to rank a website is make your web site well organized with Good Site Architecture, categorization of pages and wisely use of interlinking.

Ideally we do not promote one page for more than 3 keywords.
But keywords like "seo company in UK" "uk seo company" "seo company in United kingdom" are basically the same.
Also you could rank for a variety of synonyms like company / agency / consultancy and they don't really mean its a very different keyword.

But trying to rank the same page for SEO company UK and digital marketing agency in Uk will be two different keywords for which the same page may rank.

Again, trying to rank one page for two more more keywords like "seo agency in UK" and "travel agency in Uk" is a stupid thought. Don't even entertain it.

Find the best converting keywords using online free tool like Google keyword Planner, Keywordspy etc. and write website content accordingly. And use targeted keywords on website title & meta tags, also use long-tail keywords for internal linking within the website.


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