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How can I perform the keywords research terms perfectly?

Brainstorm 'seed' keywords. Seed keywords are the foundation of the keyword research process.
See what keywords your competitors rank for. Looking at which keywords already send traffic to your competitors is usually the best way to start keyword research.
Use keyword research tools.
Study your niche.

I would like to suggest few ways where we can get good keywords ideas for keywords search..

1) keywords research tools - like as Keywords planner tool this is the good tool where we can get good keywords ideas for website.
2) you can also get keywords ideas from Quora Platform, it is also a good Discussion website where we can get good keywords ideas. It is not Keywords research tools but in " Search Section " we can find what people are looking for..?
3) competitors research - we can check our competitors website's  keywords and by this way we can get good ideas..


Keyword research is the process of finding keywords that you want to rank for in search engines

Some tool very important for keywords research

1. Keyword planner
2. Ahrefs
3. SEMrush.
4. KWFinder.
5. Google Keyword Planner.
6. GrowthBar.
7. Long Tail Pro.
8. Majestic.
9. Keyword Tool.

You can do keyword research for free by using UberSuggest.
Type in the seed keyword or any website URL. It will provide you with keyword ideas and search volume, KD and a few more metrics.


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