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Off page optimization can alone support website ranking or not ?

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i want to know that Off page optimization can alone support website ranking or not ? . how much important is on page in getting top search results. And what should be done to get top search result after humming bird algo.. is new algorithim

waiting for suggestion....

Without a proper On Page of your website, you cannot rank it in search engines. For example, without a proper keyword research and meta tags and descriptions you are unable to build links and rank your website in search engines. Thus On Page is equally important to provide your website an online identity before you market or build links for its popularity and ranking in search engines.

Both activities is important in SEO. SEO off page is the backbone of SEO. Without backbone we never stand, so both are important to rank or drive traffic.

No, on page optimization is must without it you can't rank your site well

Both actions is essential in SEO. SEO off web page is the central source of SEO. Without central source we never take a position, so both are essential to position or bring customers.<a href="">Online accounting software</a>


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