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Some Activities to follow for onsite optimization in WordPress site:
1. Title.
2. Keyword Density.
3. Keyword Prominence, Frequency, Proximity.
4. Outbound Link.
5. Image SEO.
6. Sitemap.
7. URL Slugs / URL Structure.
8. Meta Descriptions.
9. Meta Keywords
10. Headings Tags
11. Website Speed.
12. Broken Linking.
13. Canonical URLs.
14. Content Quality.

Don't do unwanted keyword stuffing because google's algorithm focuses on meaning of your site's whole content. So write meaningful headers, meta tags of message body.

On location SEO (otherwise called on-page SEO) is the act of enhancing components on a site (instead of connections somewhere else on the Internet and other outside ...

Onpage optimization (AKA on-page SEO) refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags.

Shailesh Singh:
Pick a Theme That's Optimized for Search Engines
Use a Dedicated SEO Plugin
Change Your 'Permalink' Structure
Create a 'Sitemap'
Use Heading Tags Throughout Your Content
Build Your Content Around Keywords
Incorporate Useful Internal and External Links


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