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Sap Solution:
How can we do onsite optimization in WordPress ?

By providing proper On page tags, header tags, title, meta keyword, meta description.

Kate Evans:
If you want to increase your on page SEO in Wordpress, I suggest you to focus on placing your keywords in the following prominent places:
- insert your specific keywords in title tags;
- place your keywords in sub headings;
- include your keywords in the first 100 words;
- interlink to your relevant posts;
- install SEO by Yoast;
- include all tags for your images;
- stop keyword stuffing.

Wordpress is the Word-like tool a website owner can use to update text and images on the website. Here some optimization tips:
- logging in and security;
- writing and editing;
- sEO;
- internal linking.

Hello, I can suggest you 7 the best Plugen for WP Optimization, so, they are:
- WP  ( it is very popular tool for your pictures and images)
- Optimus
- Monarch Social Sharing
- EWWW Image Optimizer
- CW Image Optimizer
- Hammy
- PB Responsive Images
Also, you can watch more detail information at


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