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Page Rank vs. Domain Authority, which is better?

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Jim Winslet:
Hi Friends,

I have a website and its PR is 2 and DA is 21. But I am little bit confused about both, that which is better and don't know how can I improve them. Will link building help to improve DA. Please suggest.


Google page rank has not been updated since last 8 months. It is not going to get updated till early 2014.
Domain Authority is the number you should be looking at.
It is a factor of citation and trust flow.
For me, I could get domain authority 40, with some hard work. It is getting difficult to move ahead of 40 now.

Google PR and domain authority are totally different things. Google PR has not been updated around 10 months. By the way PR 2 is too good. If your domain authority is 21, you can improve it by creating good links, updating website regularly with unique and informative content. For increasing PR do quality linking in niche and wait for the next Google update.


Emedia is correct. Both are different. As page Rank is updated on 6 DEC 2013, it is clear that Page Rank still worth in estimating a website is quality or not.  I think the combination of good PR and DA is best to build backlink network for your website.

Domain authority and page rank both are important. Infect Google Page rank and domain authority both are different thing. Google PR update yearly or around 10 months while domain authority change as you increase your website good relevant back links.


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