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Promotion through LinkedIn and Facebook question


Can someone explain to me the essence of promotion through these social sites.
Is it possible to promote my site/business without personal exposure?
What is the strategy in this promotion?

LinkedIn is social networking website for professionals. It won't help you much in promotion and marketing. You can use it, but results won’t be as great as facebook or twitter.
You can increase your facebook followers using following techniques,
- Create a good profile using your brand name or niche related username
- Publish quality wall posts
- Find your niche related groups and join them
- Talk about your products and services on those groups
- Create your own group and encourage people to join it
- Organize online contest and encourage people to participate
- Distribute freebies and coupons
- Buy facebook ads


Thanks rebecca its a neat explanation on promoting a site in facebook.... Useful post.

C.Rebecca thanks for post


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