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Rankings Dropped even when Traffic is increasing.

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Hey guys,
I am working for a client who is into the business of Herbal Extracts. There's good increase in the number of traffic from Organic method. But rankings are dropped. Some keywords have come down to 42 from 143, while some keywords have gone upto 76 from 31. What could be the reason ?
What should i check ? How will Google Webmaster help me, what do i need to check there ? What do i do ?
I am fresher into SEO.

First of all Don't panic. Your keyword ranking going to be okay. This is called ranking fluctuation, it happen to everyone. Ranking fluctuates based on effort of million of other websites trying to get top ranking on Search engine.

One way to increase your search traffic is by increasing your rankings. Another way is by increasing your click-through rate. If a search engine detects that your click-through rate is extremely low for the position you are ranking, it can easily drop your position as this tells the search engine that your listing isn’t very relevant.

We see this pretty often and sounds like normal keyword fluctuation, what you really want to focus on is which keywords they are on page 1 of Google (and especially in the top 3 positions on page 1). These keywords are where your organic traffic is going to come from, whereas a keyword that was on page 4 that dropped to page 8 really has no consequence.

If you are actively doing on-site optimization and off-site optimization for a website you will see these types of fluctuations, especially if they are several pages back on Google search results.

A drop in rankings might be due to losing high quality links. Perhaps those websites or webpages disappeared, or the link to your website was removed.


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