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MBA Trainer:
Hello Forum

Please guide me about the rules of Onsite Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags (its more than title and description), page download speed, caching, internal linking, content. These are some basic onsite SEO factors

Some tips for proper On Page –

1. Content is considered to be a vital part of a website. It should be unique and interesting enough to convert visitors into potential customers.
2. Page title should be relevant to the website content whereas Meta description should be of high quality.
3. From SEO perspective, you should not ignore to maintain keyword density. Focus on Image optimization too.

Roy Milson:
There are some on site SEO rules which should be followed while doing on site optimization as follows.

1. Meta tags (Title should be 55 to 60 characters)

2. Meta Description should be 160 characters

3. Image Alt Tags should be there.

3. Heading Tag

4. Creation of high quality content

5. Internal linking

6. URL Optimization (Use hyphen (-) rather than underscore (_) ) etc

Page content should include:
-more quality content
-key word density 5 to 10%
-no frames
-no Ads
-no Java script
-no unnecessary directories
-no fancy stuff
-keywords frequency 3/7 times in meta tags
-consider keywords proximity, prominence ,placement and weight
- check W3C compliance we page validation


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