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Hello to all..
I am quite good at off page SEO.. so wanna move to on page optimization.

Am i need to learn any kind of coding for that..
Any tips and suggestions would be great..

thanks in advance  :)

:D Off Page is what not in your site.
So, OnPage is what good for you site.
Source code, hosting, domain ... This is about technical.

The second is content. "Content is King". Show your visitor what they need when surfing on your site.
Good Redirection will make them click more and more on your site :D

Every things called "OnPage" is base on Google Webmaster Guideline, focus on customer.
:D You build your site for your visitor, not for spider/bot, don't you ?

That's just my opinion! :D

To learn on page optimization you have to take the help of Google and YouTube where you will get a basic idea about the terminologies used in on page optimization.

Hello Jp, As you said that you're doing Off page tech. in SEO and now you want to move on On Page. In on page you have good knowledge about HTML and You need to know about URL structure, website design factors, knowledge about web crawler, robot.txt, and many more. You can also read so many stuff online to learn on page SEO.

First and important step to optimize your site is to research for a proper keyword. A keyword must come at least 2 to 3 times in a site's content. Then you must able to see your site onpage on the top of the Google ranking.


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