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Title: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: mobilelocatr on 09-11-2013, 05:06:13
I want to optimize my website, I need some help for optimization may anyone help me ?

Mobile Tracker (
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: C.Rebecca on 09-13-2013, 05:03:00
Onpage optimization primarily includes:

- Writing fresh, unique content
- Including well-researched keywords in appropriate density
- Optimizing title by placing target keywords in the title
- Including meta title, description tags, ALT tags, H1 tags
- Developing a strong internal linking strategy (Proper anchor text)
- Including a sitemap
- Improving page loading speed
- Optimizing images and videos properly

Here’s more about it in detail:
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: deep.sem on 09-16-2013, 04:38:03
Go through this site: I hope it will help you!!!
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: CMRaper on 09-18-2013, 18:27:18
- Use keywords on Page titles and header
- Put link and alt on images
- Create quality unique contents
- Keyword density on body must be 3-5%
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: mlmsoftjpr786 on 09-24-2013, 02:41:28
1. Write a content for web page which is fresh and unique
2. Title Tag is informative related website
3. Meta Tag like Meta description is unique
4. Internal linking in Web Content on a particular targeted keyword
5. Heading Tag on Main keywords
5. Images tag should be use.
6. URL Structure should be correct
7. Keywords density should not be in title, meta tag, description and content

 :P   :))
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: vibhav123 on 09-25-2013, 00:03:07
1. Spell Check Top Traffic Pages
2. Identify & Fix the Pages with the Worst Bounce Rates
3. Clean Up All Broken Links, Redirect Links & Crawl Errors
4. Fatten-up Unindexed & Thin Content Pages
5. LSI Content Implementation
6. Google Authorship & Structured Data
7. Eliminate All Duplicate Content Issues
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: amberwhite604 on 09-26-2013, 00:50:53
1. Keyword Research
2. Keyword theming
3. Meta tags optimization (titles, descriptions, anchor texts, alt tags)
4. Also, make sure the urls are fully optimized.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: bessiehudson on 10-02-2013, 02:17:53
Effective Page title tips for search engine indexing, keyword matching and search engine marketing. Seo strategies for title tags. How to properly tag your page title with keywords.


Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: MallofStyle on 10-02-2013, 09:48:19
Since you mentioned its a new site, apart from all recommendations above, make sure you are selecting your keywords right and doing on page and off page optimization right.
Check the global / local search in adwords, use market samurai or some other tool to finalize your keywords. Keywords are the foundation. You nede to make sure you are building them right.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: bermuda on 10-11-2013, 01:25:13
Try writing fresh, unique contents for people and forget about what search engines may like. This way you will write better, compelling contents that might even have chances of winning some free one-way links from other blogs and sources.

Sure tweaking titles and descriptions and using H tags can be the key but as mentioned, writing is the real art today. Have a glance at your competitors' websites to figure out what they have written about, then attempt to write even better and more useful contents.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: danielleslot on 10-11-2013, 04:14:32
- Keyword density on body must be 3-5%

Could you show me some facts where this is approved? Matt Cutt's from the Google Spam Team answered this question and he never mentioned 3-5% keyword density...
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: kevin147 on 10-30-2013, 00:12:41
On Page Optimization is basically the effort which you put on the website.

•  Always start with keyword selection, research and testing
•  Meta Description tag
•  ALT tags
•  H1 tags
•  URL structure
•  Content
•  Keyword density
•  Site maps, both XML and user facing
•  Usability and accessibility
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: seonovustech on 11-07-2013, 00:43:16
Here are the following brief idea about importance of on-page optimization in Seo:  !-!

Title tag Optimization

The Title Tag is an HTML code that shows the words that appear in the Title bar at the top of web browser. Title Tag is an important Tag amongst other SEO options. It communicates the theme of the webpage for human and search engines gather information about website.

Meta tags Optimization

Meta tags are generally design for the help of search engines to know what their site was about. In all Meta tags, Meta description tags are still in use. This tag is an HTML code that allows you to give a short and brief outline of your web page content.

Modifying Headings

Heading tags (H1 through to H6) are given more weight by search engines than regular body text. So we should use them wisely to strengthen the page's overall keyword theme. Among all heading tags H1 tag is the most important. It should be placed at the top of content so that visitors can easily understand what the content of the page is about.

Image Optimization

Images play major role for attracting visitors. Website is having eye catchy images help to increasing visitor’s attention to your website. But many search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing are unable to read images. So we need to put alternate text for image. Also reduce image size so web page can easily load.

Content Optimization

Well optimized content always help your web site to get top position in Search engines. Content is the king. Every search engine spider always tries to store as much as new content in their database. So use wisely your targeted keywords in content.

Internal Linking

If you do right internal linking then you can improve your website over all usability. By linking to relevant content to your readers so it becomes more effective than your main navigation.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: FreshFeet on 12-25-2013, 21:30:57
A website's on-page optimization is not so difficult. But the most important thing is to write a fresh content for your website. Use keywords in its appropriate place and the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that in all the pages of your website you should use altleast 1 time each keyword. Title and tag is also important for on-page optimization.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: DataGenius on 05-28-2015, 04:56:56
On-Page SEO techniques That will Boost Your Rankings

Onpage SEO
Website analysis
competitor analysis
Keyword Research
URL mapping with respect to keywords
make seo friendly urls using targeted keywords
title and description
internal links
speed and trust
url structure
image optimization
Page titles are unique for each page
Descriptions are unique and up to 150 characters
optimize header tags H1, H2, H3
All images have alt tags defined
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: cwvps on 07-10-2015, 04:18:26
The first thing you should do is choose right domain and hosting and come up with the right niche. Then start creating relevant, unique and informative content which you should regularly update. Make sure your images and design are appealing and unique. Then do on page SEO and when everything's good there, you should start with off page seo, meaning, start with social networking, article submission, social bookmarking, blog and forum commenting and guest blogging.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: curaqua on 08-18-2015, 04:30:53
You can refer more from here for on-page optimize:
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: nisha03 on 08-19-2015, 00:56:26
Unique Title Always
  Meta Description
 URL Structure
  Meta Tage
  Body Tage [H1 H2 H3...]
  Image SEO
  Keyword Density
  Internal link
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: rohitnagpure336 on 09-30-2015, 01:32:35
I checked your website I think you have done on page work on your website and after that you can go for Off page work for website's promotion what keywords you want to promote and where you want to promote then you can go for that activities, you can find a lot of good off page activities over this forum platform.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: brentrodriguezy on 09-30-2015, 01:50:56
Tips for On-Page Optimization

- Write Unique Content
- Keyword Research and Selection
- Create Unique Meta Details for Each Web Page(Title, Description and Keywords)
- Use Unique and Attractive Visuals
- Use 2 to 3% Keyword Density in Your Content
- Use LSI Keywords in Your Content

These are some great On-Page Techniques and I am sure it will help you.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: seoroy on 11-04-2015, 01:07:34
On page SEO factors -

Title Tag Optimizations
Heading Tag optimization
Meta Elements optimization
Robot Text creation
Keyword Density
Dublin core
Breadcumb navigation
Geographical Tag
Analytics Set up.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: vishalesskay on 11-06-2015, 21:51:10
On-Page SEO Techniques that will boost your rankings are:

•   Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
•   URL Structure
•   Speed & Trust
•   Keyword Density
•   Blog Post Title
•   Keyword Density
•   Addition of Images
•   Word Count per Post
•   Content Interlinking
•   Quality Content is King
•   Navigation
•   External Pages
•   Geo-Tagging
•   Sociability
•   Webmaster Tools
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: guptaabhijit318 on 11-19-2015, 23:02:40
Some on page optimization techniques:

    Page Meta Descriptions
    Page Meta Titles
    Page Meta Keywords
    Bolding keywords
    H1 Tags
    Italicizing keywords
    H2 Tags
    Proper image SEO
    Proper site wide navigation
    Including video on your site
    Transparency pages
    XML sitemap
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: keiron on 12-01-2015, 00:49:24
On-page SEO is used to increase the visibility of the website to the search engine. For better ON-page SEO you need to focus on selection of the keywords, content quality and length, placement of keywords, meta tag and description, interlinking of the pages and generation and the submission of the sitemap.
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: kingsleytailors on 12-12-2015, 03:01:53
just check your website in site seo checkup tools, you can find error & recommendation, try also google page speed insight & google mobile friendly tool
Title: Re: Tips on on-page Optimization
Post by: jandesigner1 on 12-13-2015, 07:34:46
The process starts from on-page optimization such as Title, meta tags, content, navigation, header tags, images alt tags and names, url structure, and then at the second step you need to create relevant high authority back links.